It’s not a dog fight! It’s a God fight!

What do you think of when I say the word: evangelical?  I’m pretty sure many of you will call forth images of too-white, toothy grins, $5,000 suits, and that bitter after-taste that comes from ingesting an artificial sweetener.  God is spelled with a “w”: Gawd! and Jesus has 3 syllables: Jaysuzuh!  And you remember what your mother always said: “Never trust a woman whose hair is bigger than her butt!”

It’s time to redeem the word, and the Outreach Committee of St. Paul’s United Church is trying to do just that by sponsoring the next Croft-Talks where a Jew, a Christian and an Atheist walk into a theatre…  sounds like the opening line to a bad joke; it isn’t, but hopefully we’ll get a few laughs.

This will be an intelligent and humorous conversation refereed by Barb Shaw.  There is good news in the United Church, and we want to get the word out.  Faith, for us, isn’t about being right but about honouring others and sharing in dialogue.  Questions are welcomed; scholarship is encouraged, and the mystery of God is something to be lived not solved.  There’s a prophetic quality to the gospel that continuously calls for economic justice, ecological justice, along with social justice.  We are an evangelical church, only with a different gospel.

Come and join us for the greatest debate ever told at the next Croft -Talks on March 29th at 7:00 pm at The Village Playhouse.  Cost is just $5.



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